C-Suite Communications

Senior leadership requires on-target, concise communications delivered professionally and in a timely manner. Whether your C-level executive is presenting at a national conference, sharing a new strategic direction in a global internal video or announcing a new initiative to take the company in a new direction, Viz-Bang Productions can play a valuable role to help Corporate Communicators achieve their business goals and objectives.

video delivers results

We work with your communications team to create and implements communications initiatives led by senior executives.

Our services include:

  • Content Development
  • Content Creation, including Speechwriting, Talking Points, Presentations, Video Production
  • Executive Coaching

We approach all projects with a sense of passion and curiosity, with a focus on innovative solutions that achieve business objectives while managing the unique needs and demands of C-Level executives. 

Corporate Events Dave

“In addition to having positive experiences with Dave on several video productions, he has become a trusted resource whenever I am speaking at national conferences. He is a talented storyteller who knows how to create a presentation that utilizes my strengths as a speaker while achieving the business objectives of the conference session. I’ve enjoyed my collaborations with Dave and found him to be thoughtful, innovative and a valuable thinking partner.”

Janice Mazzallo

Chief Human Resources Officer, PeoplesBank